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Latest Translation and Editing Projects

Novel translation from Hungarian to English

-project in progress-

Release date: November 2021

The Dance of the Souls

written by: Berti M. Bagdi

A captivating and spiritual story describing the missing years of Jesus's life, and the reincarnations of his spirit family spanning over 2000 years.


-Novel translation from Hungarian to English
-project in progress-
Release date: December 2022

Secrets of Hidden Realms
written by: Layana O'Hara

Action-fantasy novel with underlying spiritual messages. In a simultaneous magical universe, fairies, unicorns, and many exciting never before heard of creatures with special powers battle between good and evil. When a seemingly simple girl, Liliana, from the Land of Humans crosses over, she realizes that she might not be as simple as she had thought. 


Editing, Content consultation
Publishing date: July 2021

The Frugal Millionaire Mindset
written by: Christine Szakonyi

The Frugal Millionaire Mindset is an enlightening book on self-development and financial improvement. It is about a way of thinking, giving you long lasting and lifestyle changing advice on how you can learn from the prosperity and difficulties of others, how to handle them with a kind of positive financial mindset and how to prepare yourself and get through the hard days. 

frugal millionaire mindset.png

Published in May 2021

Lili's Adventures Over the Rainbow
written by: Berti M. Bagdi

This book explores the Rainbow Zone in the Pantheon of Heaven with their everyday divine magic. Lily has every desire to go to the playground, but she keeps encountering obstacles, which she solves with the assistance of her angels around her and her sassy kitten.

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