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Artist • designer • writer • translator • teacher  



About Me

I've spent a lifetime pursuing artistic enlightenment. From building a successful mural artist business back in the 90’s to designing and manufacturing luxury women’s accessories, my passion for all that is beauty and art drove me to develop my natural talents in as many areas as possible. That is how I became a sort of modern renaissance woman, a painter, accessories designer, interior designer, website designer, graphic designer. I have been commissioned and collaborated in numerous artistic projects over the past 18 years globally. 

In the past six years I have pursued a different type of passion as well: my love of teaching English as a Second Language, and translating from Hungarian to English. The Turbo Language Studio, besides language courses, also offers translating, editing, and content advisory services. 
During the process of developing my unique style of teaching English to children, I began to write children's rhymes which have been published with original illustrations. 

If you are interested in licensing artwork,  commissioning, or collaborating on a project, feel free to get in touch.

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