Ladybug ladybug, how many spots have you got?


written by: Emese Simon


Book Description


Emese Simon is a Hungarian born mother, English as a second language teacher, and artist. Originally, she started writing poems as a tool, when her love of the English language led her to develop her own teaching method for her youngest students. However, due to their universal appeal, the collection is now published for the first time for all children to enjoy.


Ladybug Ladybug, How Many Spots Have You Got? is the first of several books in the Rhyme With Me series to be released within the upcoming months and years.


Your children will soon be reciting the collection of whimsical poems, accompanied by wholesome and heartwarming illustrations with bright and funny characters by heart. The Rhyme With Me series promotes self-teaching to children who are just beginning to read.


For English speaking parents of non-native children, who want to teach their children English at home from an early age, Turbo Baby English as a Second Language Course Method will soon be available online. This easy to follow course is based on the content within the Rhyme With Me series, combined with Emese’s proven teaching methods. The course will make capable teachers of all the moms and dads out there who want to give one of the greatest gifts to their children: a head start at learning English as a second language.